Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fun projects...

... don't come along often enough -- or hardly at all, in fact. The following represents one fun night of animating:

Now, this didn't play out the way I wanted it to. Obviously, we've completely ripped off the South Park style, and as such, I wanted Les (bus driver) to have a flip-top head, like the Canadians in the much more talented and popular TV show. This idea was vetoed. I also felt that the music should be a reveal only. As in, cut to the guys in drag singing "I Will Survive" and get the hell out. This also was vetoed, and as a result, the joke is dragged* on far too much.

At any rate, a shout out to Matt (I don't know how much he wants to put his name on the project) Beecher for what may charitably called the design (he's actually good at it, but crudeness was the order of the day here).

After a hellish week of grinding through un-fun work, it was awesome to spend a few hours feverishly animating this. It gave me an appreciation for how South Park can be turned around in 1 week(!), even if they use different software.

As for the reception, well, Marty walked up to me and said "I hope you've got a real good lawyer", which I think means it's a success on some level or another. Les, I understand, didn't watch it, and in all probability still has not. But they were both good sports and really cool to work with, and also -- might I add -- changed the script for the better during the audio recording. Cheers guys!

* Pun sort of half intended. In that I realised its pun-ish-ness before I actually typed it. But it's not contrived, I promise!

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