Tuesday, May 25, 2010

... Emck...?!

Here it is, the Relativity 2010 commercial for local TV:

The graphics work is my own, and it's work that I'm proud of. I'm particularly pleased with the animation of the spheres. The rendered look is also a look I'm very pleased with. This is Final Gather at its finest, er ... lowest settings, in fact, but it shows the technique off rather nicely.

Keep aneye out for a gfx breakdown soon, although I must confess that, by using the final gather method, this was one of those rare 'the final render is the Final Render' projects. There was almost no 'fixing it in post', except for the shockwave at 00:07, and of course the video window frame which was handled in After Effects rather than being a 3D element.

Note, also, the JJ Abrams-esque lens flares!

(note: the title of this post relates to a movie, in which characters would pronounce the famous E=mc2 phonetically. A virtual cookie to whomever can tell me which film that was.)

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